Storm8 is a casual game studio that, while I was there, made puzzle and invest and express games.

I joined Bubble Theory during preproduction. My focus was on level design working to prove out best practices on new and untested level modes.

  Bubble Theory
A bubble shooter with different level modes, most noteably a side scrolling mode.

Bubble Theory Splash Screen

This was the last project I worked on before the studio had a significant layoff and restructure. It was a Bubble Shooter in prototype phase. Its selling points at the time were different level modes, level physics and companian powers. What made this title unique was that we attempted to do side scrolling bubble shooter levels. We were in the process of proving and polishing the different modes when the studio restructured.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Design engaging levels and obstacles
    • Design engaging levels
    • Explore and develop guidelines and best practices for new unproven game modes

  Side Scrolling Levels
Side scrolling bubble shooter level design

Above is an example of a side scrolling level. The player character is in the middle of the screen at the very far left of the level. The bubble cannon where the bubbles are shot from isnt shown in these screen shots but would be in the bottom middle of the 'first screen' on the left (the vertical line running through the first gear denotes where the 'first screen' ends). The bubble cannon would be stay stationary in the same position as the level scrolls from right to left.

Star collection was another concept that was introduced in this game. It was an attempt at making levels replayable. As illustrated above there are 3 star bubbles located in the level for players to collect by dropping them from the level super structure. Stars would be used as a currency to unlock future zones. If players did not have enough stars to advance they could replay levels to collect them.