is a studio focused on making games for streamers and their communities to play together. During my time there I worked on two projects, the game that started it all, Stream Raiders, and its sister project Stream Pirates.

My time on Stream Pirates was focused on designing player characters, character abilities, and equipment for monthly events. In addition to working on the player side of the combat system I also helped prototype and design levels for core event content.

  Stream Pirates
Stream Pirates, a spiritual successor to Stream Raiders, put streamers in the role of pirate captain with the streamers viewers filling the role as crew. Streamers would land on an island in which the crew would place units on the island to explore, battle monsters, find treasure and level up their units and equipment.

Watch the video below as Allegingtuna gives an overview of the game. This was an early preview and the level systems we were designing hadn't been integrated in this version of the game yet.

I moved on to Stream Pirates to help the team get the game out the door and then move into a content design role to support the newly launched game. Unfortunately shifting priorities resulted in the project getting shelved as we ramped up for launch.

One of the last major pushes we did before the project was paused was to conceptualize and prototype an engaging level system for streamers to play with their viewers. We tried several iterations of what levels could be until coalescing around levels as end moments. Hand crafted levels would appear at the end of a procedurally generated island to give streamers a strong reason to come back to the game to engage with their community by playing through the end level moment. We also designed boss levels that had steamers and their communities engaging in epic battles against themed bosses. Boss fights were scripted to have narrative elements and barks, bosses had unique attacks and positioning based on level conditions, and changing terrain to evoke tension and a sense of progression through the level.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Plan, design and implement player unit abilities and equipment for events
  • Conceptualize, prototype and design engaging levels streamers could play with their community
  • Run playtests, synthesize feedback into actionable items and iterate on designs
  • Prep and improve existing systems to run more optimally in a live ops environment
  • Support teammates, give feedback, engage in player research and much more

more coming soon...