MobilityWare is a casual game studio that has makes puzzle and card games.

I joined Tropical Treats during preproduction. My focus was on level design and gameplay interactions between all the tiles and pieces on the game board. Additionally the design team was tasked with designing and exploring different level modes for the game.

  Tropical Treats
A swipe match 3 game with different level modes. This game follows the classic saga map format.

Check out a video for the game below.

Tropical Treats was a swipe match 3 that had different level modes: boss, fulfill the recipe, clear the cookies, and a few other experimental modes we were working on.

This was my first opportunity to mentor and give constructive feedback to more junior level designers. I was also given the opportunity to write the gameplay spec for all of the game board interactions. This was exciting as it allowed me to branch out and gain spec writing experience. It also challenged me to think more critically about all the interactions between the pieces of the game, how they affected the board and each other.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Design engaging levels and obstacles
    • Design engaging levels
    • Design FTUE levels and levels that introduce core game concepts
    • Provide constructive feedback on peer reviewed levels
    • Wrote spec / documentation for gameboard interactions
  Level Design

Below are samples of some of the levels I designed for Tropical Treats.
  Level 130

An example of the ‘Clear the Cookies’ mode in which the player must remove all of the cookies from the board. The cookies at the top of the level tend to be some of the harder ones to clear as the player is more reliant on randomness from the game to clean them with normal matches. Making effective matches to form power ups to clear the cookies at the top of the level is a more strategic approach.